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A Remote Recruiter in a Virtual Company – Or Further Reflections of a Rookie Recruiter

By Jennifer Copley, Rookie Recruiter, Q4B

I knew when I began working earlier this summer that the job might only be temporary. I had always had plans to move from my home in Denver to my dream city, Portland, OR (sorry Peyton) and pursue employment with my dream company (think sports apparel, sports marketing and Mr. Knight if you are reading this blog please give me a call).

I was all set to pick up, load up and pack up all of my earthly belongings along with some great homemade fudge (thanks again Mom) that would make the twenty-two plus hour trip bearable. I wasn’t set yet to leave my “temporary “job. And I also wasn’t set up with another job, temp or not, once I arrived in Portland.

Then it happened and it happened quickly and quite naturally, as though it was always meant to be. I know that I have mentioned how great an experience I have had in this job as a Rookie Recruiter, and all because of the two great bosses that I have had the privilege of working with, learning from and being mentored by. To say that they both rock as bosses is an understatement.

As I was discussing my move to Portland with one of my bosses and my fears about moving to another city without immediate job prospects, I was offered an opportunity that I never would have expected. I was asked if I would like to continue doing what I have been doing, recruiting for Q4B, on a part time basis. OMG Yes!

So, here I am in my dream city, working out of my virtual office, a very trendy coffee shop not far from where I live and feeling as though I never left Denver thanks to the great technology that we use, namely Skype, Google+ Hangouts and our always on always connected ATS.

I have already been able to see some of the benefits of working remotely and to think of some of the many benefits that were afforded me while working in our office in Denver with my bosses and staff.

Here are some benefits of working in an office.

  • You can develop as an employee more efficiently. When you’re onsite you can learn from other employees and receive more efficient training.
  • Work environment feels like more of a unit and team when you work onsite.  It makes you feel like you belong and directly increases your productivity when you see others around you working hard. You want to be a part of that functioning team
  • More manageable workloads.  If you have too much to do it is easier to physically show your boss that you either need more time or help from a co-worker
  • Real time experience- Working with others to complete a related goal makes workers more efficient- more efficient workers save the company money.

Here are some of the benefits so far of working remotely.

  • You can choose your work space. Office table, patio table, or in my case this morning- coffee shop table
  • I don’t have to sit through rush hour traffic
  • I can surround myself in a work environment that suits my mood.  Some days I am in the mood for classical music, other days I feel like lip-syncing to Justin Bieber in between screening candidates.
  • I have enhanced my communication skills with my bosses.  Frequency and clarity so there is no miscommunication

As I was putting this list together it became very clear to me that this opportunity that I now have, working remotely for Q4B, would never have been possible had I not worked in an office environment first.

Maybe this is my “rookie” side showing but without some very intense training, mentoring and critiquing on the part of two very talented, dedicated and passionate bosses (did I mention that they rock?) I would not be doing what I am doing today and would certainly not be reaping the benefits.

I sometimes feel like the fledging eagle that is now spreading her wings and learning to fly on her own, knowing full well that someone is out there watching over her.

Thanks bosses, I won’t let you down.

Now, what song would create the proper mood for sourcing candidates for that Reservoir Engineer position I am trying to fill?

Maybe the Bee Gees’  How Deep is Your Love….maybe.