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Bring on the Replacement Recruiters!

By Dan Ridge, Contributing Consultant, Q4B

Whether you are a diehard football fan, a casual observer or someone who still thinks that what we call soccer in the USA is the most popular sport in the world you are certainly aware of the turmoil that is being created in the NFL with the lockout of the professional referees and the use or misuse of what are called replacement refs. Games have been decided by missed calls, bad calls and no calls. The integrity of the game is at stake and players, coaches, general managers and fans have had enough. Even the Good Guys in Vegas are not too happy with the current state of affairs.

There is a sense that with all of the controversy surrounding the debacle that was witnessed on MNF (unless you are a Seahawks fan) the lockout will end with each side giving and getting some of what each was bargaining for. But what a cost! Not so much in overall dollars but in fan perception, appreciation and support to say the least.

While I was watching ESPN, ESPN2 the other night I started thinking about this lockout, how important it is to have true professionals in every position in order for an organization to be successful, to provide value and service to their customers and to insure that the product or service delivered is the best that it can be. If one part of an organization is performing at a lower level than the rest of the organization the whole organization suffers.

Isn’t this true in recruiting? If not then it should be. Think about the many times you have seen companies that are struggling with their quarterly profitability, their stock prices are less than the street expected, their forecasts are off and projections for next quarter are dismal decide to cut their internal recruiting department down to almost nothing.

How many times have you seen those same companies run job ads that suck (JATS) looking for replacement recruiters with I to 2 years of experience when their company’s fortunes begin to turn around? Do you think that there will be some bad calls, missed calls and no calls when it comes to sourcing, screening and hiring the best fit candidates for their open positions? Could there ever be a situation where hiring managers and candidates raise enough of a ruckus that company management agrees to hire or rehire only seasoned experienced professional recruiters?

Probably not. Unfortunately, unlike the NFL referee situation, company management rarely sees the difference between seasoned experienced professional recruiters and their 1 to 2 year replacements. They don’t immediately see the impact if any of a bad call, missed call or no call by a replacement recruiter. And they certainly don’t understand how impactful a great hire is to their overall success.

And that is the fault of the seasoned experienced professional recruiter. Most recruiters vary rarely demonstrate their value to their company’s success. Do recruiters track the impact on the company that their hires have made? Can recruiters point to specific instances where one of their hires saved, made money for the company; exceeded expectations sooner than expected; was promoted or had a significant impact on the bottom line, the stock price or other company successes?

It is not about quality of hire, time to fill or cost per hire metrics that seemingly all recruiters are so caught up with. The people running a company are more concerned and more interested in making money, showing a profit, increasing revenue.

Did your hire help with any of those things? If not where is your value?

There may never come a time in your company where there will occur a tipping point event like the MNF spectacle that will show case the difference between seasoned experienced professionals and rookie replacements.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be able to demonstrate that difference yourself. Otherwise your company will always be looking for a replacement recruiter.

One last thought. I think that it would help if companies hired a senior recruiter to review every controversial hire and insist on using instant replay when the offer is extended and accepted.

Now, I will wait for a call from the league office. I know that they can use my input in settling this matter.

“Please hold for Mr. Goodell.”



Carmen’s Hot Jobs, Vol 1, No. 7

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations, Q4B

Last week one of our contributing consultants, Dan Ridge posted a blog Get Rid of JATS, Join the Movement! that garnered a lot of interest and generated a number of comments on various blog sites. In other words it hit a nerve. The fact that so many recruiters commented on the blog further reinforced our idea that just about all job ads, those postings that just about every candidate responds to, are poorly written, full of bad information, generally have nothing to do with what the job is all about and are an insult to the very people that the ads are attempting to attract. In other words, just about all job ads Suck!

We at Q4B are on a mission to Get Rid of Job Ads that Suck. We are in the process of rewriting all of our current job ads and as new positions are received we will rewrite those before posting. We want all of our candidates to be excited with the opportunities that we are presenting on behalf of our client companies. We want all of our candidates to express an interest only in those positions where they feel qualified by submitting a resume to our recruiters, who in turn will respond quickly to schedule and conduct a phone screen if your experience and qualifications are in line with the client’s needs or to provide feedback and suggestions regarding your resume and other opportunities if your experience and qualifications are not in line with the client’s needs.

In order for this to work, we need the cooperation of all of our candidates. If you see a position that interests you and you feel that you have the qualifications (most, if not all) for that position, then submit your resume to that position. If you don’t see a current position that interests you or where your qualifications are not a match then we are asking you to submit your resume to a new posting that we are calling The EMANON Position – which is NO NAME spelled backwards. The EMANON position will be written for candidates in the markets that we represent, namely, Technology, Oil/Gas, Energy/Utilities and Healthcare IT. It will be written for many positions within those markets, including but not limited to sales, accounting/finance, marketing, HR, administration, middle management, operations executive level.

And just like with our actual client positions, submitting your resume to our EMANON position will generate a call from one of our recruiters to begin our process that we call candidate engagement.

We hope that everyone, but especially our candidates, sees the value in what I have presented and in what we are attempting to accomplish. We are committed to Getting Rid of Job Ads that Suck, attracting better qualified candidates for our clients and treating all of our candidates with the respect that they deserve.

We will keep you posted on how all of this works out. We are excited about the possibilities as I am sure those candidates that respond to our approach will be as well.

Now here are this weeks HOT Jobs!

  • Sr. Software Test Automation Engineer – You can’t be passive regressive in this position since your progress will be measured by how well you manage a growing suite of regression test scripts.
  • Senior Security Engineer – This is a job with real Job Security and you won’t have to walk on water to be considered, just know where the rocks are!

If these two positions are not in your wheel house then remember our new EMANON posting and the other Hot Jobs that we have on our site.

And while you are considering it, be sure to Like, Retweet, Pin it, and +1 this post. You never know who is going to see the positions and think that it is the perfect position for them.

I am now ready to make some more candidate calls. Maybe I will be calling your number.

Til next week!



Get Rid of JATS, Join the Movement!

By Dan Ridge, Senior Contributing Consultant, Q4B

I would like to think that our recruiting and management team at Q4B started something. A few months ago we decided to target a part of our recruiting process in an effort to improve the end results of the process. We noticed that this part of the process is a part of every recruiting organization’s process and that for years and years and years we have all been doing it the same way, with pretty much the same results.

The part of the process to which I refer is the job ad, the job description, the job order call it what you will. We all take them we all use them in our recruiting efforts, we all post them to our job sites, to job boards and to our social media channels. Sometimes we get results, sometimes we do not. Chances are good that we do not really question why we do it, or if we do question the effectiveness of this effort it is usually a question of how many responses, not so much the quality of those responses.

We at Q4B have made a decision to change the way that we manage this part of the recruiting process. We have made it our mission to rewrite all of our current job postings and to only post new job descriptions that we have written, using the information that we gathered during our needs analysis with the client as well as information from the client and the client’s web site. In other words we want to get rid of JATS!

And here are our reasons. We feel strongly that our candidates, the candidates that we want to eventually present to our clients deserve better. We feel that they are our customers, just as our company clients are our customers. Our company clients are hiring us to find them top talent. The job ads, the job descriptions that we post should reflect that and should be written in a way that they attract that quality of talent. We would suggest that easily 99.9% of all job ads that are posted are an insult to the very talent that the ads are seeking to attract.

I said earlier in this post that I would like to think that we at Q4B have started something. In truth, we are not the first to suggest this and hopefully not the last. Lou Adler has been preaching this idea of getting rid of job description for years and replacing it with Job Profiles which certainly have much more meaning and carry much more weight in determining which candidate would make a great hire. More recently, there have been some great articles on this topic, from Maren Hogan to Eric Gaydos to the surveys that are run by the folks at CareerXroads.

As recruiters we have a unique opportunity to change this part of our recruiting process, the job ad, the job post and how it is presented to our candidate audience. If it is done well we should immediately see an improvement in the quality of candidates who respond to the postings. And with better quality responding, our jobs would become much more enjoyable and rewarding.

So, are you ready to join the movement? Ready to order your T-shirt, arm bands and posters? Ready to take this to the Street?

Oh, wait, I haven’t told you what those letters stand for have I? I wouldn’t expect you to join without knowing what you were joining. So here it is. Our movement is called Get Rid of JATS and the JATS stands for JOB ADS THAT SUCK!

Are you in?