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Carmen’s Hot Jobs Vol 1, No.12

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations, Q4B

Over the weekend I had a chance to catch a few good college and pro football games since my home team was not scheduled to play until Monday night. I saw some good games, some close games, some well executed plays and some plays that were highlight reel worthy.

Whenever I watch football or any team sport for that matter, I almost always think about the old adage” there is no “I” in team.” Perhaps because the word “team” is used so often by broadcasters and subconsciously we think of that phrase when hearing the word team, we all know what it means.


However, even though there is no “I” in team, in order for a team to be successful there needs to be a whole bunch of “I” attributes that each team member should possess that would help the team reach its goal – to WIN.

Here are a few of those “I” attributes.

  • Individuality
  • Innovation
  • Intensity
  • Inspiration
  • Identity
  • Imagination
  • Impact
  • Impassioned
  • Impressive
  • Inclusive
  • Indefatigable
  • Indispensable
  • Industrious
  • Infectious
  • Influence
  • Ingenious
  • Integrity
  • Intelligent
  • Invaluable
  • Insistent
  • Italian

Ok, forget that last one. I just threw it in to see if I still had your attention. You can add to this list, subtract from this list or make up you own list. The point that I am making is about how many ‘Is” go into to making up a successful team and that contrary to popular belief, there are a whole bunch of ‘Is” in TEAM, especially successful Teams.

Now here is this week’s Hot Jobs List. Each one of these great opportunities will require any interested candidate to possess most (75%) if not all of the “I” attributes mentioned above.

  • Network Information Security Manager – If being near the Big Apple excites you then consider this position. Or apply if you are a Frank Sinatra fan.
  • Mobile .NET Developer – A great contract position that will make you feel good because the company’s service helps others feel good.
  • SQL Server Developer – If you help develop more than one SQL Server does that make the first one you developed a PreQL? Apply and find out.

If you are interested in the Hot Jobs above click on the link and apply through our Talent Hub. We will respond quickly and we will value your time. At Q4B candidates are our customers too.

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Next week I plan to discuss another favorite old adage of mine, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

Til next week!




On Leadership

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations, Q4B

“We Need You to Lead Us”. – Seth Godin, Tribes

Until recently I was probably like most people when it came to talking about and considering the word leadership, and what it means to be a leader. To me a leader was someone running a country, at a high level in government, military or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. A leader was someone in front of a movement, the founder of an organization, a well known and recognized authority in the arts, science or business. In other words, someone who was famous for what they did or for what their company or organization did.

Turns out I was wrong. Turns out that all of us have the ability to be leaders and that the qualities of leadership can be learned.

Since 2003 I have participated in three intense and very rewarding training courses on leadership, offered by Rapport Leadership International. I am now a Master Graduate of Rapport’s Leadership training. I mention this to emphasize a point, and that is that if I can train others to become leaders; can consider myself to be a leader and posses leadership qualities; and if I can take what I have learned and effectively apply it to what I do, namely find great talent for companies and find great opportunities for top talent, then any one can do the same. Anyone can become a leader.

Here are the six Leadership competencies that I was taught and anyone wanting to be a leader should learn.

  • Creating Teams & Building Support
    Increased strengths to reach goals far beyond your own capabilities
  • Focus and Taking Action
    Focus that sharpens the ability to shut off distractions and laser in on what’s important and move forward.
  • Passion and Enthusiasm
    Passion and enthusiasm to live out loud—work is no longer work!
  • Feedback & Accountability
    Free flowing communication and accountability to align organizations for optimum results.
  • Self-Awareness & Values / Mission
    Clarity that brings incredible inspiration to people eager to work with leaders with focus.
  • Self-Confidence & Unleashing Potential
    Confidence to get outside one’s comfort zone, change your approach, create stability in the organization, innovate, share ideas for improvement, and take action.

Now, when I talk with business leaders, department heads, and decision makers at client companies, I can relate to their respective issues, their individual needs and can better understand how important my role as a recruiter is in helping identify great talent that will make their jobs as leaders much easier and enjoyable.

Additionally, when I talk with potential candidates for positions that require leadership qualities, I can more readily identify those who possess some of the above competencies and suggest areas that would require some training.


Learning more about what makes great leaders, learning to understand and implement leadership qualities has helped me become better at what I do and has allowed me to take on the role of Director of Recruiting and Operations at Q4B with a great deal of confidence.

What about you, do you consider yourself a leader. Do you think you could be a leader? Remember, leadership is a choice. What will it be, leader or follower?


The Way Things Are

From the film Babe:

The scene: Christmas day on the farm. The pig, the cow, hens, and Ferdinand the duck crowd by the kitchen window, craning their necks to see which unfortunate one of their kind has been chosen to become the main course at dinner. On the plate is Roseanna the duck dressed with sauce l’orange.

Ferdinand, the Duck: Why Roseanna? She had such a beautiful nature. I can’t take it anymore! It is too much for a duck. It eats away at the soul.

Cow: The only way to find happiness is to accept that the way things are is the way things are.

Ferdinand: The way things are stinks!

I was thinking about the above scene and how often it is played out in real life as leaders of businesses accept the status quo and are reluctant to change or look for alternatives to running their business. Many business leaders feel that the way things are stinks, but aside from expressing anger and frustration they can’t or won’t do much else.

A book I read recently, The Art of Possibility by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, evaluates this scene as it relates to the acceptance or denial of “Possibility” and encourages an alternative “to initiate a new approach to current conditions, based on uncommon assumptions about the nature of the world.”

The Zanders suggest that the Cow’s acceptance attitude and the Duck’s accepting but complaining attitude are not the only choices available. They suggest that a third and more realistic attitude exists. In my opinion, we can also parallel this concept to business, and it is precisely this attitude that should exist in every company and business leader. Let me explain.

This alternative attitude says that while you understand the way things are you ask yourself if there are there other ways that things could be, or is the way things are the only way.

A Case in point –

A client that we worked with was experiencing high attrition in their customer service department. This had been going on for some time, but when asked about this problem, the client felt that it was the nature of the job, that all of his competitors where experiencing the same rate of turnover, some even greater than his. It was the way things are, and like Ferdinand, the duck, he felt that it stinks but could do nothing to change it.

We suggested that he develop a profile of the job based on the success attributes of his best customer service reps. We suggested recruiting and hiring against that profile. We suggested new training, new compensation package, a sense of ownership and team building exercises. Despite the fact that the rest of his industry was experiencing high attrition, his turnover went from 85% in the first three months to less than 10% the same period with better than 80% of new hires still employed after 1 year.

We helped the client see what we saw and that the way things are is not the only way things can be. Instead of accepting things as they are (the Cow) or accepting things but being angry and frustrated (Ferdinand, the Duck) the client was able to deal with the way things are and make changes.

Isn’t this the attitude we look for in our business leaders? Don’t we want to follow someone who is willing to look for another way? Don’t we admire a leader with a vision of what is possible despite the difficult times and the number of people who would accept things as being the way they are?  Where there is a will, there is a way, right?  If you are one of these leaders, or you work for one, count your blessings and then pass the duck l’orange. Bon Appetite!