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Carmen’s Hot Jobs, Vol 1, No. 13

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations, Q4B

The topic for this week’s blog was somewhat of a forgone conclusion. Oh sure, I could have ignored the obvious. I could have thrown caution to the wind and forged ahead with some other idea that had been floating around in my head for weeks. I could have just put on that somewhat faded t-shirt that said “No Fear!” and just written something else because I believed in what I was wearing. But why take a chance. Why tempt fate or the gods of blogging!
So I am yielding to some power greater than myself and writing about superstitions, this being my 13th blog in this series. (Freddy Krueger music playing in the background)
According to the dictionary, Superstition is an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear. I think most people have made decisions based on a superstition some time during their lives. I know that I have. Most superstitions are a matter of doing something, such as eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away; or avoiding doing something, such as not washing your car, because washing your car will bring rain. This last one is my husband’s favorite.

There are lists of superstitions, some familiar such as;

• To give someone a purse or wallet without money in it will bring that person bad luck
• If you shiver, someone is casting a shadow on your grave
• To find a penny heads up, brings good luck
• Toads cause warts
• If you blow out all of the candles on your birthday cake with the first breath you will get whatever you wish for

Then there are some that are just downright weird, such as;

• A loaf of bread should never be turned upside down after a slice has been cut from it.
• Dropping an umbrella on the floor means that there will be a murder in the house.
• You should never start a trip on Friday or you will meet misfortune.
• It is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same match.
• Never take a broom along when you move. Throw it out and buy a new one.

Now here are a few more superstitions that are more job search related.

• Never show up for an interview wearing white socks, unless you are applying for a job as a tennis coach
• Always arrive for your interview at least 15 minutes early, because the early bird catches the worm
• If you drop your resume or your coffee or anything else during the interview chances are the interview is doomed
• If there is an elephant in the interview room, such as your age, your education, your reason for leaving your last position, the length of time since your last job, etc. immediately address it and get it off the table.
• Never leave an interview without some commitment to next step or at least some understanding of the hiring process and where you stand in that process.

On second thought, are these last five items superstitions or are they really good advice for interviewing? Either way, I would encourage any candidate to heed the advice given whether you are superstitious or not.

Now, here are the Hot Jobs for this week and you don’t have to find a four-leaf clover in order to apply.
• Enterprise Network Architect – Ever dream of being the Frank Lloyd Wright of networks? Now is your chance.
• Technical Recruiter – We are looking for the best recruiter for the best company, Q4B. Enough said!
• Mobile .NET Developer – A great contract position that will make you feel good because the company’s service helps others feel good.

If you are interested in the Hot Jobs above click on the link and apply through our Talent Hub. We will respond quickly and we will value your time. At Q4B candidates are our customers too.

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And remember also while you are reading this blog, if a black cat walks towards you then good luck, and perhaps a good job is in your future. But don’t ask me what happens if the cat is walking away from you. You don’t want to know.

Til next week!


Carmen’s Hot Jobs, Vol 1, No. 10

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations

Let’s face it; Labor Day needs a make over. It no longer carries the same significance that it once did. There was a time when Labor Day was celebrated with speeches, parades and picnics honoring those who worked, the laborer. Most people today probably don’t even know what Labor Day is meant to celebrate. And beyond the historical significance of the day itself, it no longer signifies such things as the last day before school starts with some schools starting as early as August 1st;  the last day that swimming pools are open or the last day that those fashion conscious among us can wear white.

So what happened to Labor Day? Where did it lose its significance? Why isn’t it still celebrated like Independence Day or Memorial Day or even Groundhog Day?

I was pondering these questions while I was out with my family and a few friends doing my part to keep the Labor Day tradition alive. We packed a picnic lunch complete with a great selection of some fine crafted beers brewed by some local laborers; we listened to some speeches by my husband and his friends regarding the best place to picnic and the best way to get there without using Google maps or asking for directions; and we paraded around several great locations until we settled upon a shaded hilly spot close enough to the stage where young local musicians were covering some of the great Woody Guthrie tunes.

A Great Labor Day! But those questions kept nagging at me the whole time. Could Labor Day have lost its mojo because unlike two of the other days, Independence and Groundhog, there was never a movie made about it? Or could it be that unlike the other day, Memorial there was not a significant auto race or a major (sort of) golf tournament played that weekend?

I am not sure what the reason is but I have an idea that might help to bring the first Monday in September back to its glory days, back to being a day that is truly celebrated by all. We need to rename it. We need to call it Career Day, a day to celebrate those who are working, those who have been working and are now looking for work, those who have been working and are now retired or only seek part time work and those just entering the workforce. It would be a day to recognize workers of all types and honor them for what they are doing, what they have done and what they would like to do.

Those of us in the recruiting business could spearhead this movement and organize job fairs, seminars and discussions about job search, career management, career planning, career coaching and involve our own clients in the process.

We could come out from behind our desks, take off our headsets and for one day join the ranks of the masses who are yearning for any and all information regarding work, labor, career, job search, interviewing, offer acceptance, negotiating, resumes as product literature and performance profiles that only we, as seasoned professional recruiters, possess.

It would be a national day of information and celebration that no other special day could rival. And the next day we would have job orders to fill and pools of talent from which to source.

“Carmen, Carmen the show is over we need to get the kids home and you have a big day tomorrow.”

Oh well, it seemed like a good idea. I wonder if Hallmark would be interested in producing a line of greeting cards for Career Day!

Now here are our Hot Jobs for this week and they are worthy of celebrating.

  • Senior JDE Project Manager – If you thought all PM jobs were alike, think again! Great internationally recognized Oracle consulting firm promising as much travel as you have always wanted.
  • Junior Security Engineer – A job with real security and the only difference between the Junior and Senior position is that only one of you gets to wear the Green Lantern’s Ring and the Senior picks which one!

That is it for this week. If you are interested in the Hot Jobs above click on the link and apply through our Talent Hub. We will respond quickly and we will value your time. At Q4B candidates are our customers too.

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Til next week!

Carmen’s Hot Jobs, Vol 1, No. 9

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations, Q4B

Last week in my Hot Jobs blog I finished up with a hint about this week’s blog and followed some old show business advice of always leaving your audience wanting more.

So here is my more.

Some of the questions that I mentioned last week that we have begun to ask during our debriefing sessions after an engagement ends (won or lost) have to do with the candidate/client interview and how much we prepared the candidate for that interview. Did we do enough? Could we have done more? And based on the feedback from both our candidate and our client were there things that we missed? And finally, how can we improve in this area?

Interview preparation is such an important part of the recruiting process since nothing will ever happen until the candidate meets with the hiring authority and yet it is for the most part the most underutilized and in general the least understood part of that process.

I know that there are many recruiters who would say that they prepare their candidates very well for the client interview. They provide them with all of the relevant  information regarding the position, the expectations of performance, the type of interview to expect (one on one or group), the personalities of the interviewers, the company culture, the questions that may be asked (behavior based or other) and advice on how to handle those questions, a list of questions or topics to be avoided and even advice on what to wear, when to show up for the interview and directions to the client ‘s location with phone numbers.

There are some recruiters who have access to video capabilities and technology or who now use Skype or Google+ Hangouts to conduct mock interviews with their candidates and provide feedback and critiquing of the candidate’s interviewing skills, body language etc.

Is this type of interview preparation conducted for every candidate for every position? Probably not. Is it something that some recruiters do only for those senior positions, or perhaps those assignments where the fee is higher than most? Probably so. After all this is a lot of work and what if after all that work the candidate doesn’t get the offer or worse still bombs in the interview?

Remember in recruiting as in life, Stuff happens!

As recruiters, dedicated to our profession and wanting to be the best that we can be by providing the best service to both our clients and our candidates we should approach each stage, each part of our recruiting process and consistently look to improve and make it better. And that includes the interview preparation stage.

If you are a candidate reading this blog ask yourself how many recruiters that you have worked with have walked you through an interview preparation like the one described above. All? Some? A few? None? I would be very interested in your responses.

And now here are a few of our Hot Jobs for this week. And remember, if you respond to these or any of our other hot jobs, before you interview with our client you will be prepared.

  • Senior Test Automation Engineer – Are you a Rugby fan? Just checking because this position requires someone with experience in an AGILE/SCRUM environment.
  • Reservoir Engineer – If you get this job you will be allowed to use the famous Bogart line from the movie Casablanca. And it is not “Play it again Sam.”

That is it for this week. Next week I will be blogging some more about interview preparation. Here is the hint, think career portfolio. Enough said.

Til Next week.


Carmen’s Hot Jobs! Vol 1, No.4

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations, Q4B

I have been asked by a couple of candidates over the last few weeks, to explain the term hot jobs. The fact that a couple of candidates asked for an explanation, I am sure that most people reading my blog would be interested in the how and why jobs get on the Hot Jobs list.

Here is the explanation. I hope that this helps.

If you read my blog from last week, On Making a Commitment you will understand that as far as Q4B is concerned every job is hot, every job is important. Some are just hotter, more important than the others. And it is the client who determines this.

During our first meeting with a client, we gather as much information about the client, the culture, the position, the requirements, the expectations, the compensation package, etc, so that we can recruit top talent for the client. We also ask the client why the position is open and is there a sense of urgency in filling it. The position could be open because someone was promoted, someone was fired or it is a new position. The sense of urgency could be completion of a critical project, new contracts just signed, a commitment to revenue goals that will be missed without this position being filled.

Companies only hire because they have a problem. It could be a good problem; individual promoted, opening a new territory, more demand for products/services, increased name/brand recognition etc. It could be a bad problem; employee resigns, employee is fired, employee retires. It is a problem none the less. We are brought in to help solve that problem. We are brought in to help find the best talent for that client’s hot jobs. We help put out the fires.

We are in the process of rewriting all of our job descriptions on our Talent Hub in order to give our candidates more information about the position, the company, the opportunity as well as an indication of how hot the job is.

So if you can stand the heat, here are a few of the jobs that made this week’s list. And be sure to Like, Retweet, Pin it, and +1 this post. You never know who is going to see the positions and think that it is the perfect position for them.

  • Senior Reservoir Engineer – Great opportunity, great company, great experience! Position is HOT not just because of the location (South America) but because the position supports a major project and our client is committed to a long-term presence in the area.
  • Geologist – Another one from the same client. Same HOT reason for being on this week’s list. Not to mention the fact that our client’s HQ is in Paris, France and the position will afford you the opportunity to visit HQ. Now that is HOT!!!

Remember, at Q4B all of our jobs are HOT, but some are Hotter than others.

I am now wondering if my keyboard is fire retardant.



Great New Opportunties!

My name is Carmen Lapham and I am the new Director of Recruiting for Q4B. Twice a week I am going to highlight a few of the jobs for which we are recruiting. Take a few moments to take a look at some of the great positions that we’re actively recruiting on today Be sure to Like, Retweet, Pin it, and +1 this post. You never know who is going to see the positions and think that it is the perfect position for them.

The Senior Security Analyst opportunity is located in the Denver Tech Center. If you love security and working with a group of extremely intelligent, like-minded individuals, then this position will be right up your alley. As mentioned in the position description, they are looking for someone who can help them support and mentor the folks on the Security Operations team, have expertise with SEIM (ArcSight is the tool of choice) tools, chasing down IDS/IPS alerts , working closely with the Risk team and reporting results and findings to the clients.

The Sales Operations Support Specialist is perfect for a college graduate, loves talking to people and has a strong attention to detail. This position is also located in the Denver Tech Center, working for an established organization that is in growth mode. This is a great commissioned based opportunity with great earning potential!

A client of ours in Atlanta is looking for a Senior Recruiter to join their organization. This is a great opportunity for an experienced recruiter to not only recruit for internal positions as well as for consulting positions. Responsibilities will include defining the internal corporate recruiting process as well as the vendor management processes. This is a great time to help build a growing organization!

Feel free to add us to your RSS feed or link the Q4B Talent Hub to your social networks! Also be sure to click on the Talent Hub link to the right to see even more great opportunities.