Carmen’s Hot Jobs, Vol 1, No. 9

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations, Q4B

Last week in my Hot Jobs blog I finished up with a hint about this week’s blog and followed some old show business advice of always leaving your audience wanting more.

So here is my more.

Some of the questions that I mentioned last week that we have begun to ask during our debriefing sessions after an engagement ends (won or lost) have to do with the candidate/client interview and how much we prepared the candidate for that interview. Did we do enough? Could we have done more? And based on the feedback from both our candidate and our client were there things that we missed? And finally, how can we improve in this area?

Interview preparation is such an important part of the recruiting process since nothing will ever happen until the candidate meets with the hiring authority and yet it is for the most part the most underutilized and in general the least understood part of that process.

I know that there are many recruiters who would say that they prepare their candidates very well for the client interview. They provide them with all of the relevant  information regarding the position, the expectations of performance, the type of interview to expect (one on one or group), the personalities of the interviewers, the company culture, the questions that may be asked (behavior based or other) and advice on how to handle those questions, a list of questions or topics to be avoided and even advice on what to wear, when to show up for the interview and directions to the client ‘s location with phone numbers.

There are some recruiters who have access to video capabilities and technology or who now use Skype or Google+ Hangouts to conduct mock interviews with their candidates and provide feedback and critiquing of the candidate’s interviewing skills, body language etc.

Is this type of interview preparation conducted for every candidate for every position? Probably not. Is it something that some recruiters do only for those senior positions, or perhaps those assignments where the fee is higher than most? Probably so. After all this is a lot of work and what if after all that work the candidate doesn’t get the offer or worse still bombs in the interview?

Remember in recruiting as in life, Stuff happens!

As recruiters, dedicated to our profession and wanting to be the best that we can be by providing the best service to both our clients and our candidates we should approach each stage, each part of our recruiting process and consistently look to improve and make it better. And that includes the interview preparation stage.

If you are a candidate reading this blog ask yourself how many recruiters that you have worked with have walked you through an interview preparation like the one described above. All? Some? A few? None? I would be very interested in your responses.

And now here are a few of our Hot Jobs for this week. And remember, if you respond to these or any of our other hot jobs, before you interview with our client you will be prepared.

  • Senior Test Automation Engineer – Are you a Rugby fan? Just checking because this position requires someone with experience in an AGILE/SCRUM environment.
  • Reservoir Engineer – If you get this job you will be allowed to use the famous Bogart line from the movie Casablanca. And it is not “Play it again Sam.”

That is it for this week. Next week I will be blogging some more about interview preparation. Here is the hint, think career portfolio. Enough said.

Til Next week.



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