Carmen’s Hot Jobs, Vol 1, No. 6

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations, Q4B

In case you are wondering, I still have Olympic fever. It may have peaked over the weekend and according to my local sports doctor I should be back to normal by this time next week with no lingering after effects. Unless you count the strange desire to take up badminton and move to Indonesia.

I did watch everything from swimming to gymnastics to tennis to beach volleyball to track and field to basketball and water polo. I was thrilled and excited for the winners, disappointed for the losers and disgusted with the whiners. In other words my reactions to all of this were no different from my reactions to sourcing, screening and selecting great talent for our clients.

When a candidate that we at Q4B have sourced, screened and presented to one of our clients is made an offer and accepts we are thrilled and excited for the client, the candidate and also for our team and the rest of Q4B. To follow through with the Olympic analogy, it is as though all of us, client, candidate and recruiters have won a gold medal.

If one of our candidates is not made an offer, is second or third in the running to the client’s first choice we are disappointed for the candidate and somewhat disappointed for our team. But we use this lose as an opportunity to encourage, support and plan for the next win. This is what we do.

For the candidate, we provide feedback from the client as to why someone else was offered the position, the reasons that our candidate was not offered the position and what in the future our candidate could work on in order to land his/her next great position. We also ask our candidate this question, “If this job were offered to you a month or two down the road, would you accept”? We ask this to prepare our candidate for the possibility that the client’s first choice may not start, may take a counter offer, or may not work out as expected through the first 90 days.

For our client, we get feedback for our candidate and our team and we find out when the client’s choice will be starting, we call back after that date to confirm the start and we let the client know that our candidate, assuming he/she was second or third choice, could be interested in consulting/project assignments in order to demonstrate his/her capabilities. We accept the silver or bronze medal but we then plan for the gold in next event.

For our team, we use this event of recruiting for a particular position as a teaching moment. We take a look at all of the work that each team member did, all the information that we gathered from start to finish and we analyze, dissect, critique, suggest different or better approaches, ask “what if “ questions and plan for the next event. And we do not tolerate whiners.

With all of that being said, here are a few Hot Jobs for this week were we plan as always to bring home the gold for our clients, our candidates and our team.

  • Senior Technical Recruiter – It takes one to know one is the old saying and it certainly applies here. Our client needs some one like we at Q4B would hire. Can you spell CLONE!
  • Software Configuration Manager – How would you like the work that you are responsible for to be seen by Millions of viewers every year? Can you stand the Limelight?
  • Sedimentologist – It is either the winning word on Wheel of Fortune or the job title for a great opportunity. Your choice.

So if you would like to medal in one of our events (be considered for one of our great job opportunities) then upload your resume to our Talent Hub. And, while you are considering it, be sure to Like, Retweet, Pin it, and +1 this post. You never know who is going to see the positions and think that it is the perfect position for them.

One last thought and I am sure that many of you Olympic-fevered people have considered this but were afraid to say it out loud. In the Water Polo events, why do we never see any of the player’s ponies come up for air?

Til next week!


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