Carmen’s Hot Jobs!

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations, Q4B

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July. Even though the holiday fell in the middle of the week and wasn’t part of a long weekend, there was still time to enjoy family, friends, good food and drink and watch some pretty incredible fire works.

And speaking of fire works, my hot jobs for this week are indeed hotter than a…. well you know what they are hotter than. My hot jobs for this week also have a Summer feel to them so look them over and be sure to Like, Retweet, Pin it, and +1 this post. You never know who is going to see the positions and think that it is the perfect position for them.

When we think of summer we think mostly of keeping cool, running the A/C and in general  praying that our monthly electric bill won’t be too high. How would you like to work for a great company that helps people stay cool, keep their A/Cs running and helps manage the flow and cost of electricity by providing sate of the art technology consulting services to mid to large sized utility companies? Well now is your chance.

Our client is looking for two Project Managers, one with Oracle CC&B, the other with SAP CIS. If you have project management experience and those three letters that come after your name (PMP) and have experience with either SAP CIS or Oracle CC&B in a utility environment then this could be the coolest job you ever had. There is travel required (up to 80%) but just think of all the cool places you will be seeing.

The summer time is also a time when most everyone hits the road, short trips, long trips, and travel by plane, train and automobile. All this travel requires fuel and our client is in the business of providing that fuel. Our client is looking for some top notch Reservoir Engineers, Sedimentologists, Petrophysicists, and Geologists in several locations in South America. This is a long term contract and requires the ability to speak and understand Spanish (basic Spanish is acceptable) So if you Habla Espanol have a desire to work in the exciting field of Oil and Gas exploration and have the experience for any of these hotter than hot opportunities, then let me know.

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That’s it for this week. I know that by next week I will have even more Hot Jobs to post. I am know taking a break and looking for some shade.


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