On Leadership

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations, Q4B

“We Need You to Lead Us”. – Seth Godin, Tribes

Until recently I was probably like most people when it came to talking about and considering the word leadership, and what it means to be a leader. To me a leader was someone running a country, at a high level in government, military or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. A leader was someone in front of a movement, the founder of an organization, a well known and recognized authority in the arts, science or business. In other words, someone who was famous for what they did or for what their company or organization did.

Turns out I was wrong. Turns out that all of us have the ability to be leaders and that the qualities of leadership can be learned.

Since 2003 I have participated in three intense and very rewarding training courses on leadership, offered by Rapport Leadership International. I am now a Master Graduate of Rapport’s Leadership training. I mention this to emphasize a point, and that is that if I can train others to become leaders; can consider myself to be a leader and posses leadership qualities; and if I can take what I have learned and effectively apply it to what I do, namely find great talent for companies and find great opportunities for top talent, then any one can do the same. Anyone can become a leader.

Here are the six Leadership competencies that I was taught and anyone wanting to be a leader should learn.

  • Creating Teams & Building Support
    Increased strengths to reach goals far beyond your own capabilities
  • Focus and Taking Action
    Focus that sharpens the ability to shut off distractions and laser in on what’s important and move forward.
  • Passion and Enthusiasm
    Passion and enthusiasm to live out loud—work is no longer work!
  • Feedback & Accountability
    Free flowing communication and accountability to align organizations for optimum results.
  • Self-Awareness & Values / Mission
    Clarity that brings incredible inspiration to people eager to work with leaders with focus.
  • Self-Confidence & Unleashing Potential
    Confidence to get outside one’s comfort zone, change your approach, create stability in the organization, innovate, share ideas for improvement, and take action.

Now, when I talk with business leaders, department heads, and decision makers at client companies, I can relate to their respective issues, their individual needs and can better understand how important my role as a recruiter is in helping identify great talent that will make their jobs as leaders much easier and enjoyable.

Additionally, when I talk with potential candidates for positions that require leadership qualities, I can more readily identify those who possess some of the above competencies and suggest areas that would require some training.


Learning more about what makes great leaders, learning to understand and implement leadership qualities has helped me become better at what I do and has allowed me to take on the role of Director of Recruiting and Operations at Q4B with a great deal of confidence.

What about you, do you consider yourself a leader. Do you think you could be a leader? Remember, leadership is a choice. What will it be, leader or follower?



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