My Last Blog….For Now

“Sometimes you have to stop blogging to see if there was anything worth blogging about” – Anonymous

When I started writing our blog a couple of years ago I had a few ideas about blogging in general and how I wanted our blog to be viewed.

I had read enough about blogging to understand that it is all about promoting our company’s brand, building a following of interested, like minded individuals who could appreciate and would comment on our postings, and would be the focal point of all our social media content.

I also wanted our blog to be more about quality than quantity. I felt that it wasn’t a matter of frequency but the content that was important. My goal was to blog at least once a week about recruiting, talent acquisition, hiring and retention and everything in between, including Bob Dylan and Arthur Guinness.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, I took some time to reconsider a few things about our business. What is the best use of my time, where could we best leverage our company’s knowledge, experience and passion about finding the best talent for our clients, and was there anything relevant about our industry that needed to be said. The question that I had to then ask myself was, could I admit that I had a problem? Blogging had become an addiction and before I could decide whether I needed the help of other bloggers and join BA (Bloggers Anonymous) I would gather the inner strength that I knew that I had and just go cold Turkey.

So, this is my last blog for now. I need to get back to the business of actually applying all of those great ideas that I blogged about and begin looking at our industry with a new blog free perspective, a new pair of blogless eyes.

I hope to be back in the blogosphere after the New Year. After all once a blogger, always a blogger and you can’t stay away too long from that rarefied air.

Blog On!  



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