The Treasures You Can Find While Spring Cleaning

OK, so here it is, the second week of March and for those of us in Texas that means that Spring has arrived and the long, hot summer is just around the corner. Oh, sure there are other signs that Spring has arrived; the air conditioner stays on longer, two of my neighbors have started some major gardening projects and there is very little seating available outside at Starbucks.  So, this is the time of year that I tackle cleaning out what has accumulated over the year, and in the process finding some long lost treasures.

Under a stack of old and often read Fast Company, Inc and Dwell magazines, I came across a hard copy of an  article from ERE Daily entitled 40 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer About Your Hiring Process by Dr. Michael Kannisto posted on October 23, 2007. (You now understand that I don’t spring clean every year, and maybe not even every other year.)

Kannisto wrote the article for in-house recruiters, the message “good in-house recruiters should be able to answer all relevant candidate questions.” The implication was also that HR leaders, business unit managers and anyone interviewing and hiring should be able to field any company, career, job, process related question from interested candidates.

These same questions however, should also be part of any job seekers job search process. The 40 questions are broken out into four sets of ten. The first set consists of high-level questions a candidate should ask when trying to decide whether they want to join a particular company and it includes;

  • What is the corporate culture?
  • What kinds of people work here?
  • What skills are necessary for success?
  • What will having you on my resume mean for me in the future?

The second set, questions a candidate should ask if they are interested, includes;

  • Where can I find your financial data?
  • Where can I hear from current employees?
  • What is your company most proud of?
  • Who are your customers?

The third set consists of very specific questions about the company’s interviewing process and includes;

  • What kind of interviews do you conduct?
  • How much information do you require from me, and when do you want it?
  • How competitive is your relocation package?
  • Is this job search on the radar screen of senior business leaders?

The fourth set, questions that should be asked when the first interview is set and also at the end of the interview, includes;

  • How many interviews will I have?
  • If it isn’t a fit will you respect me by telling me in person?
  • Will you value my time?
  • What will drive my compensation package?

You can see how valuable a check list this could be for any job seeker. From the beginning of the search through the interview process, the answers to these questions will provide a great deal of information about the company, the job, the opportunity and the job seekers place in the organization if they accept an offer.

Conversely, the more difficult it is to get answers to any of the questions, the lack of preparedness regarding answers to these questions on the part of anyone representing the company, will allow the job seeker to decide whether or not to continue with the process, and whether or not to accept an offer should one be made.

Some advice to job seekers, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and specifically get the answers to all 40 of the questions from Kannisto’s article. (See link above)

Now here are the other treasures I found while spring cleaning, a buy-one-get-one FREE coupon for an all day pass to Astro World (no longer there), the installation manual for my external hard drive (now full) and an autographed picture of Lou Adler at last year’s ERE Expo.

What treasures! I can’t wait for next March.


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