Keep On Truckin’

When people find out that I am the CEO of a managed recruiting services firm they typically ask if there are any jobs out there; if companies are hiring; why can’t they seem to find a job (for those who are looking); when is the economy going to turn around. I usually respond by saying that there are jobs out there; that companies are hiring; what is their job search process (assuming that they have one); and that I am not an economist. And, except for the last response about not being an economist, I always provide much more information, examples and advice regarding jobs, companies hiring and job search (for those who are looking).

Having answered these and other similar questions many times in the last few years, I decided to do some research, update some of my advice and look outside our company’s areas of specialization. I know that our company’s clients are hiring and that many of our competitors are engaged with their clients who are also hiring. So, no doubt there are jobs out there and companies are hiring.

However, our industry, RPO and managed recruitment services, represents such a small percentage of companies who are hiring, and such a small percentage of available jobs. The vast majority of companies who have jobs to fill are still using combinations of job boards, internal recruiters, employee referrals, 3rd party recruiters, job fairs, college recruiting, etc to attract, identify and recruit candidates.

My research regarding available jobs and companies hiring led me to the usual suspects, healthcare, energy, oil and gas, engineering technology and one surprise, an industry that I had never considered.

That industry is Transportation and the job is long distance truck driver. If you are a job seeker this is probably not the glamour job you dreamed about. But consider the following.

  • The industry will experience a critical shortage of drivers over the next 2 to 4 years due to an ageing work force.
  • The average age for long distance truck drivers is 54.
  • Based on recent surveys of the trucking company owners, there is currently a need for over 500,000 long distance truck drivers
  • Even if those 500,000 drivers were hired, there would still be a need for over 1,000,000 drivers a year over the next couple of years.
  • The average income for long distance drivers is 45K per year.
  • The service that long distance drivers provide is the backbone of our economy. Most everything that we as consumers use on a daily basis is handled and delivered to stores by truck.
  • The job does not even require a high school diploma.

So, the next time you are out on that open highway and are passing or are passed by a big eighteen wheeler, picture yourself up there in that cab. What is the view? Does the road go on forever? Is this the job for you?

Pass this along to anyone that you know who is looking for a job. You will be helping them and doing something for the economy.

And that is a big 10-4!


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