The Week Before Christmas


Dedicated to Job Seekers everywhere. Here is hoping that you find numerous job offers under your Christmas tree.


Twas the week before Christmas, the end of the year

I’m still sitting at home, with no job prospects near;

I’ve sent numerous letters and made numerous calls

And filled out applications with stores at the malls


My recruiter assures me that things aren’t so bleak

That I could get an interview, perhaps next week;

So I rework my resume for the thousand and eighth time

And convince myself that lying isn’t a crime.


My job title reads Sales Manager, Senior VP

When actually I was only in charge of me;

My reason for leaving, no chance for promotion

Sounds better than saying I was due for demotion.


Three jobs in two years is easily explained

It’s the economy stupid, I can’t be blamed;

And as for those gaps between each position

Well I needed some time off to assess my condition.


I went to college and almost got a degree

So who is going to check if it was a BSEE;

And those numerous awards that I should have received

Well I can’t help it if that’s how I’m perceived.


Now that I have finished this latest version of me

I will wait by the phone and what will be will be;

I see no reason to work so hard at this task

I can do most any job, someone just needs to ask.


But what if the calls don’t come this week

What if my resume doesn’t even get a peek?

What was it my mentor told me just the other day?

Oh yes, he said “Don’t Just Send a Resume.


Target a company, find out what they do

Then ask yourself why they would hire you;

Talk to their customers, their vendors, their peers

Then send them a letter addressing their fears.


Show them the value you bring to the table

How capable you are, how qualified, how able;

You want to meet with the person who hires

You want to show them you can put out fires.


Treat the interview as an important sales call

You are the product; you are carrying the ball;

Ask needs related questions, and listen with care

This type of approach is unique and rare.


Get feedback from the interview, what the next step will be

Maybe they use assessment tools, not just one but three;

Have them match your profile with the best fit for the Job

They may end up hiring you as a replacement for Bob.


Review your notes, your questions, concerns

Send the interviewer a recap, showing a passion that burns;

Along with a Thank You note addressing a key item

Tell him you can solve their problems, and are willing to right’em.


Follow this plan and work at it each day

If you work at it full time, you’ll soon have job offers that pay;

The job search is your job, it is not easy, it is hard

So work at it full time instead of cleaning the yard.


Remember you are selling a product that you know very well

You are selling yourself, so get out there and sell;

Work at your job search, work at it each and everyday

And remember by all means, Don’t Just Send a Resume!”


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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