My Christmas Wish List – 2010


Every year at this time I put together a list of the things that I would like to have for Christmas. When I was young, my list would look a lot like the one pictured above. I did want a bicycle and lots of sweets, maybe not a monkey or a snake. And many times I would get at least  two of the wished for items. How that happened I still haven’t figured out.

As I have grown older my tastes have changed. Instead of a bicycle I have wished for a BMW and instead of lots of sweets I would prefer some good red wines and high end chocolates. But most of the items on my recent wish lists have centered on our business, our clients and candidates. Here is my list for this Christmas.

1.    To work with more business leaders who understand the value proposition for outsourcing some or all of their company’s talent acquisition process

2.    Cooperative talent managers and HR leaders who view firms like ours as true partners who can make their jobs easier

3.    An opportunity to discuss our Financial Impact Analysis Tool with business leaders in order to show the bottom line effect of hiring and retaining great talent

4.    A wide acceptance of our Recruitment Project Management (RPM) approach for outsourced recruitment engagements

5.    More intelligent conversation with talent management and HR thought leaders regarding the acceptance of fitting the job to the candidate and less reliance on the traditional job description

6.    More candidates who understand the role that recruiters play in the talent acquisition process and view the candidate/recruiter relationship with the respect it deserves

7.    More companies that treat candidates as customers and afford them the opportunity to engage with the company before they buy the opportunity

8.    More referrals from our current and former clients; current partners and current members of our talent pool (candidates)

9.    An increase in business that will allow our company to bring on more talented recruiting consultants who will compliment our world class team

10.           Lastly, maybe a bottle or two of some excellent Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

There, that is my list for this year. I know that I won’t get everything on the list. My experience has been that I typically receive at least two of my wished for items. If that happens this year I will be very happy, especially if one of the two is number 10.

Now I must get busy making the cookies and spiked egg nog to put out before you know who arrives.

Have a Merry Christmas and may all or some of your wishes come true!


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