Social Media, Social Me!

I admit it, when it comes to technology I am not an early adopter. That term, perhaps not coined by, was certainly made popular by Geoffrey Moore in his ground breaking book from the 90’s entitled Crossing the Chasm. It is one of the five stages that comprise the Technology Adoption Life Cycle.

The five stages of this cycle are as follows.

  • Innovators – These are technology enthusiasts who adopt any new technology because they appreciate the technology for its own sake.
  • Early Adopters – These are visionaries who have the insight to match an emerging technology to a strategic opportunity.
  • Early Majority – These are the pragmatists, the non-risk takers, the people who wait for the jury to come in with a verdict that says that it is safe to adopt.
  • Late Majority – These are the conservatives, those who only buy and use new technology not because of any real belief in it but because they must just to stay on par with the rest of the world.
  • Laggards – These are the skeptics, those who feel that any new technology will not produce the promised benefits or productivity breakthroughs and will ultimately be replaced by the next new thing, so why bother adopting anything new.

Using these definitions I would say that I am an Early Majority, maybe mid to late Early Majority. This has been especially true when it comes to embracing Social Media and more specifically when it comes to embracing Social Media for business use.

Here is what I have implemented in an effort to join the Social Media World.

  • Facebook – I no longer see Facebook as just a tool for the Gen-X and Millenniums to converse with their friends or reconnect with old classmates. For those of us in the recruiting, talent acquisition consulting business, having a company presence on Facebook is not only necessary but smart. I now realize that many of our clients (internal recruiters, company HR) incorporate or should incorporate Facebook as part of their sourcing and screening strategy. Using Facebook has now become part or our sourcing and screening strategy for our clients. Our company presence on Facebook is a very cost effective way to promote our company and build brand awareness for our prospective clients and candidates. See Q4B-Quantum Solutions for Business
  • Twitter – My first reaction to Twitter was “Who cares what you are doing now.” Well, it turns out that a lot of people care and when it comes to promoting your business you want a lot of people to care, to follow you. This only works if your company has something of value that those who follow you want. The tweets that you send out should have more to do with providing links to information, articles, blogs, seminars that many of your followers would find interesting. It is also about tapping into valuable information from those that you are following, preferably recognized thought leaders in your field. We are always asking ourselves,” when we tweet, will people listen?” See Q4B_RPO.
  • LinkedIn – I may have been an early Early Majority with LinkedIn personally but not when it came to promoting our business. For companies like ours, LinkedIN has always been an excellent source of information on potential candidates, decision makers at prospective companies and general marketing information. We have used LinkedIn on all of our engagements as part of our sourcing and screening process. We recently began to use it to promote our company, our service and engage with individuals interested in what we do and how we do it through the creation of our own group, FOQ-Friends of Q4B.

So, as you can see our company has much work to do to truly take advantage of all the power and promise of Social Media. We have come to the Social Media Party somewhat late but it is my intent that we jump in headfirst, LinkUp with as many people attending and become totally Twitfaced.


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