Are You Ready to Bounce Back?

By Nick Tubach, CEO and President, Q4B, Inc.

I wrote an article a few years ago entitled Organizational Resilience – “Recruiting the right talent and nurturing resilience will ensure your company’s success”. It was always my intent to write a follow up piece and expand on some of the points that I had made and provide some real world examples.

After re-reading that article I came away with the feeling that the points I made were not just valid when I wrote the piece but even more so today. And that it might be worth revisiting especially for those of you who did not read it the first time.

The points I made were hire resilient talent, nurture resilience, stay connected, develop strong camaraderie with coworkers, establish resilient mentality, define operational parameters and promote flexibility. As you can see, all of these points are applicable for any company that wants to remain relevant, resilient and successful.

So, you might ask why these points are more relevant now. Aren’t they always relevant? Just take a look around. There are signs that the economy is slowly improving, and in some sectors the signs are brighter than in others. If your company has weathered this most recent economic storm chances are that many of your current employees possess the qualities of being “resilient”. You need to take advantage of this and build on it. Here are some suggestions.

Reward Resiliency – Let the people who have been with you through thick and thin know how important they are to your company.  Create a Resilient Employee designation. If you use employee badges make them a different color for those who helped you “bounce back”. This will help nurture resilience, stay connected and establish a resilient mentality.

Promote Resiliency – On your web site, your marketing pieces and your career site, play up the dedication of your current employees and how important they are to your company’s continued success. This will help you hire resilient talent and develop a strong camaraderie with coworkers.

Manage for Resiliency – Moving forward use your current crop of “resilient” workers to develop plans, join cross-functional teams, participate in strategy sessions and high level decision making. This will help define operational parameters and promote flexibility.

If you are like most companies that have managed to survive over the past year and some months, you have perhaps unknowingly formed a pretty special bond with many if not all of your employees. Build on this unique relationship and you will be ready to Bounce Back when the time comes. The ball is in your court!


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