Playing To Your Strengths

Strength is the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance.

By Nick Tubach, CEO, Q4B, Inc

At the end of last year while taking advantage of the holiday business slow down, I spent some time reviewing our business and assessing how much of an effect the sluggish economy had been on both our business and that of our clients. I also looked at areas for improvement, opportunities lost and did a thorough analysis of what we could do better in the new year. At the end of this self imposed, holiday interrupted retreat, I came away with a list of improvements for the business, new ideas for marketing, business development and service delivery that I feel will have a significant positive impact on our business not only this year but for years to come.

I also came away form this year end review with a much clearer understanding of our company and what we do best. Since I founded Q4B in July of 2004, I have always described the company (and taught others to do the same) as a Managed Recruiting Services Consulting firm offering recruitment process outsourcing services designed to fit the needs of our clients. These services could range from short term sourcing and recruiting on demand engagements to consulting to full scale outsourcing of the recruiting function with onsite/remote support.

In years past I would have spent much of my retreat time reviewing engagement revenue, cost efficiencies and client related value add with some attention to redefining who we are. This review was different. Was it the economy, stupid? Perhaps it was that and also that nagging feeling that many of us CEOs get that something is just not quite right. The data was there and always had been. Our clients and our own consultants were telling us in a number of ways that Q4B was very good at certain things and not necessarily good at trying to do everything.

Our clients were telling us by type of engagement, renewed contracts, reviews, unsolicited testimonials and our own consultants were telling us by their response to engagements, client and candidate interaction and overall level of job satisfaction just what our strengths are.

These are our strengths. We are “near-perfect” at Screening/Interviewing, Managing the Candidate Relationship and providing Business/Candidate Research.

  • Screening/Interviewing – Our seasoned consultants can take sourced candidates and determine which are the “best fit” for the company, the position and uncover information that will prove invaluable when it comes time for selection.
  • Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) – We can then take that select group of Qualified, Interested and Available candidates and manage the relationship form interview to close regardless of time elapsed, changes in opportunity or other factors.
  • Business/Candidate Research – We can provide business research regarding competitors, size of candidate pool by skill set, geography and help clients understand the success rate of finding talent for a particular position. We also provide research for candidates regarding company, locale, housing, schools etc in order for them to make an informed, intelligent decision in accepting an offer.

I am excited about the New Year. I am excited about talking to business leaders and discussing our strengths as they relate to their critical staffing needs. I am excited about playing to our strengths.

What about you, are you playing to your strengths? Chances are that screening/interviewing, candidate relationship management and business/candidate research are not on the top of your strength’s list. If that is so then we have something to talk about. And that is not a sign of weakness.


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