Should We Change Our Name?

I was one of the 10 billion people who watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday. I had great seats, middle of the couch in front of a flat screen TV with plenty of good food, wine and beer and surrounded by good friends who were all Saints fans wearing the black and gold with Mardi Gras beads. I was happy the Saints won for their fans and the city of New Orleans.

It occurred to me while I was watching (maybe it was trying to understand why the WHO) that this game was perhaps the perfect example of why there are so many comparisons between football and business. We are all familiar with football and business using terms such as team work, game plan, win or lose, block and tackle, play book, blitz, huddle up, there is no “I” in Team, practice, X and O, role player, coach, trainer and so many more.

However, the terms that I am referring to, and that were so much in evidence by both teams in this game are sourcing, screening, selecting, recruiting, pipeline development,  talent management, succession planning, promotion and retention.

Consider this. These were the two best teams with the two best quarterbacks playing for the championship. Yes there were other good teams and players this year, but these two teams got to the Super Bowl based in part on how they were put together and some bad late play calling by the Vikings.

Both teams have a history, the Colts longer, the Saints more recent, of putting together and building a great team.

  • They both know where to look for talent, Sourcing.
  • They both have a history of identifying  the best talent and making sure that they get that talent, Recruiting, Screening and Selecting
  • They know how to plan for future needs, and in some cases immediate needs due to injuries, Pipeline Development, Talent Management, Succession Planning
  • They know who to keep and how to keep the best talent available, Succession Planning, Promotion and Retention

So here is the take away (another football term) from the Super Bowl. If you want your business to be successful, to be a winner, then take a look at what the two best teams in the NFL this year do on a consistent basis to ensure a level of success and ultimately play for the championship. Use the terms that they use, sourcing, screening selecting etc to build a championship team of your own.

If you need help with following the example set by the Colts or the Saints give us a call. Who are we? We are Q4Brees!


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