Is This Finally the Year for RPO?

As a computer technology history buff (and how many of you out there are as well) I was recalling the days BW (before wireless) around the mid to late ‘80s when year after year and technology conference after technology conference the recurring theme was “This is the year of the network!” Well today we can’t imagine a world without networks, whether wired, wireless or even social.

A number of factors contributed to businesses becoming networked, better, faster and less expensive technology than what was being used, along with a belief that the idea of networking computers would make workers more productive and in turn make the company more profitable and successful.

Today, businesses accept the idea of networked computers as the norm and in most instances the technology has contributed to greater worker productivity and overall business success.

So what about RPO? Although the concept of outsourcing in general has been around for awhile and has been sometimes readily accepted for payroll, benefits, manufacturing, marketing and accounting the widespread acceptance of Recruitment Process Outsourcing has not materialized. Until recently, many companies held to the notion that the recruiting function, namely sourcing, screening, interviewing, selection and on boarding was best kept in house and under the control of Human Resources. Not unlike many companies in the past (BW) felt that the computer function was best kept in the computer room and under control of the head of IT and not networked.

For Recruitment Process Outsourcing things may be changing. Consider the following:

• Because of the major downturn in the economy, many companies downsized across the board including HR and Internal recruiting
• Existing employees are still being asked to do more for less, thus creating a potential pool of overworked, underpaid and underappreciated workers who will be looking for some positive change once the economy rebounds
• Successful companies have been using this downturn period to reevaluate all business functions to look for improvements and efficiencies.
• Companies are asking themselves “Do we go back and continue to operate as we did before the downturn, or do we change and improve our processes?”

Recruitment Process Outsourcing can be faster, better and less expensive than what is currently being utilized and can strongly influence workers productivity as well as the profitability and success of the company. Just like networked computers.

If companies have never embraced Recruitment Process Outsourcing now is the time to consider doing so. For those who have embraced RPO in the past, continue to do so. It may not be the right fit for every company but it should be considered.

Is this finally the year for RPO? If not, there is always 2011.


2 responses to “Is This Finally the Year for RPO?

  1. Companies can also benefit from an RPO by gaining recruiter bandwidth on demand. If their needs increase they can also turn up the bandwidth through an RPO instead of increasing their overhead by hiring another recruiter. If there needs are fulfilled then they can turn down the recruiter bandwidth and scale back to suit their needs without having to terminate an employee. Many benefits to an RPO, employers need to make this the year for RPO!!!

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