What We Can Learn From Arthur Guinness

If you are a beer lover you know how significant the date, September 24th is. If you are not a beer lover you should be. On this date, 250 years ago Arthur Guinness signed a 9000 year lease for a run down brewery at St James Gate, Dublin. The the rest as they say is history.

The story of Guinness is one of inspiration, dedication, ingenuity, effort, a keen knack for spreading the word, occasional leaps of faith and magic. Aren’t these the same qualities we see exhibited today in successful companies,  in their business leaders and their people? Aren’t these the same qualities we would like to see in our own companies, from start-up to established?

Arthur Guinness had a vision otherwise why sign 9000 year lease. He had a passion for his product, he loved his beer. And he understood the power of name recognition and word of mouth marketing which is certainly made  easier while sipping a pint.

Today the Guinness brand is known and recognized the world over. The flagship product, Guinness Stout reached a milestone of its own in 2007 when 10 million pints were poured in a day.

So, as a business leader, dedicated employee or budding entrepreneur think about Arthur Guinness and his company while you enjoy a pint of stout. Ask yourself if any of the qualities mentioned above would describe you and  your company. If not what could you do to change that? The only thing you may want to consider not doing is signing a 9000 year lease. Be a little cautious in this area, settle for the 2000 year lease, but get a decent rate.

To Arthur!


One response to “What We Can Learn From Arthur Guinness

  1. A 9000 year lease??? Wow! That in itself, is interesting!!

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